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Writing a care plan in 30 minutes using Artificial Intelligence

Writing a care plan in 30 minutes using Artificial Intelligence

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Do you like writing care plans?

The answer is usually "No." for most social care professionals. 

How about learning how to do care plans using artificial intelligence?

Do you want to become a pro in writing care plans without any social care experience?

This self-paced course includes a video lesson and a relevant guide for you to use to write beautiful care plans. 

Course content is as follows:

👉What is artificial intelligence

👉What is its relevance in social care

👉CQC requirements for writing care plans

👉Challenges of writing care plans in social care

👉Attached is a guide on the care plan (Word and PDF guide)

👉How to copy and paste from the guide to write person-centred care plans


Who can benefit from this course?

👉Care Managers, Nurses, team leaders

👉Care assistants

👉Beginner to social care

👉Social workers

Current challenges for writing care plans in social care

🤦‍♂️Takes an average of 4-6 hours to write a new care plan.

🤦‍♂️Not everyone is knowledgeable in writing care plans.

🤦‍♂️Heavy reliance on one person to complete the care plans.

🤦‍♂️Care plan standards degrade when the Manager moves on. 

🤦‍♂️Criticism from CQC for not having enough details in the care plan. 

🤦‍♂️Subjective opinions on how to write care plans from "experts"/"auditors."

How will my course help you?

👏 Write a comprehensive care plan in less than 30 minutes

👏Understand the foundations of meeting CQC standards

👏Delegate anyone to write a care plan; it doesn't have to be experts

👏Win CQC on your next CQC inspection with detailed care plans

👏 Bulletproof on continuity of care plan updation without relying on just one person

👏Use my detailed care plan guide 


Please note that once purchased, it will take up to 12 hours to get login access. 


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